“Swing” and “Stall”

Swing, Oct. 2013

Swing, Oct. 2013. Acrylic and Ink on Canvas

Stall, Oct. 2013

Stall, Oct. 2013. Acrylic and Ink on Canvas












Two paintings that I added to the gallery, I feel, need some mention. These pieces which I entitle “Swing” and “Stall” is my attempt to taking the same idea, the everyday trials of an individual with a mobility disability, and presenting it in different ways for to get different effects. From the critiques I’ve gotten, people find “Swing” to be more sad and lonely, while “Stall” is seen as more abrasive, and humorous.

My intention with these people, is to make people aware of the different struggles that people in wheelchairs and other mobility devices face that able-bodied people might take for granted.

I hope these pieces have inspired you in your day, made you think, made an impression. My ultimate goal with these paintings  is to make my audience experience a different mindset to show them a different, often overlooked perspective, while also giving them a pause to reflect on the humor to be found.

– Jsib

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