Working with Minecrafters


Hello All!

Recently I’ve had the opportunity to work with a group of Minecraft players, who call themselves “Arkstal”, by creating some images for their new website. I’m in the middle of creating images of the individual members of their group including their in-game personas into scenes and situations that suit them best. Here are a few examples.


arkstalAdzy arkstalCreeperGirl arkstalKagemand19 arkstalBpxiel

I took a basic “Steve” rig for Maya posted by shrogg on the MC Forums (Thank you for providing this for use!) I then removed some of the extra features so I could lay the different player skins onto the model. I then proceeded to pose, light, and create minecraft like scenery using basic cubes (duh) and a bit more modeling for custom items (such as the blacksmiths hammer and sheild, among other items). 


Among other things, I contributed to their forum page by creating a banner for them.

Check out their site, at! They’re cool people.

– Jsib