Graduation Card Design

I ended up making my first deal with a local print shop in my area to sell some graduation cards that I designed. I plan to make more cards for this shop. Check them out, if you’re in the neighborhood. They’re located in Denver, Co. Look them up online.



Paper Strips

Here I thought I’d show my playful side. I have started to like to rip up pieces of paper and scribble on them and rearrange them. I’d like to do more like this. See what different things I can come up with. Here’s one for now. More may follow.


Promo Remake

About four years ago I did a small project in which I took the animation program (DAC) acronym and attempted to remake a small promo bumper in the style of NBC’s 80’s campaign “Let’s All Be There”. It was interesting to see how much synergy was in that promotion and how inclusive it was. It was so popular the “Let’s All Be There” campaign ran for at least three years and was used as the bases of other similar campaign in foreign markets (Australia’s Channel 7 for instance) .

Here it is with a comparison. My timing was a bit off just a bit I think but it was a pretty nice attempt.

This was purely a side project of mine and for sure one I’d love to do another remakeĀ of another bumper. Maybe for a different network, or do something more original all together.

New Photoshop Paintings

Recently I’ve been all over the place. I’ve done a few photoshop paintings I’d like to share.

One is a piece of fan art. Featuring Gobo Fraggle, from the wonderful Jim Henson show, Fraggle Rock. Seems as he’s returned from the land of the silly creatures holding yet another postcard from his Uncle Traveling Matt.

The next is an ode to breakfast cereal mascots. Freedom O’s, with your friend, Two-Can Sam. Pretty clever right? There’s freedom in every bite.

The next one is Fan Art of “Buddy and Wozz”, (because being tired the other night, that’s what I mistook Buzz and Woody from Toy Story as). I’d imagine Buddy and Wozz being from a knock off Toy Story movie, being owned by “Randy”. There’s something intentionally “off” about them.

Anyhow, Enjoy. Will post more soon.