If I Could Save Time In A Bottle

Inspired by the Jim Croce song of the same name. Enhanced in Photoshop with some light painting. I wanted to edit it in such a way as to preserve my natural line work but to get the digital painterly look that I like to bring to my Photoshop work. Hope you like.

Paper Strips

Here I thought I’d show my playful side. I have started to like to rip up pieces of paper and scribble on them and rearrange them. I’d like to do more like this. See what different things I can come up with. Here’s one for now. More may follow.


Sketchbook Samples


Although, being a graduate with a Fine Arts Degree, I admittedly don’t use my sketch book as often as I should. But I do carry one with me at all times. The sketchbook I have was actually a gift from one of my co-workers at my previous job, so I’m trying to do it justice by putting some really great stuff in there. Here’s a couple of them.