Paper Strips

Here I thought I’d show my playful side. I have started to like to rip up pieces of paper and scribble on them and rearrange them. I’d like to do more like this. See what different things I can come up with. Here’s one for now. More may follow.


Sketch Book Saturday

Here’s a few samplings from my sketch book recently. Hope you enjoy!

Some are life drawings of patrons of a local cafe, and another one of my favorite, text and art combo pieces, “What Is Your State Of Mind”. The balance between the chaos of emotions and the rationalized logical minds, when they come together in harmony, the mind is Sound. (Also called Wise I guess, but I like Sound mind better).

Sketchbook Samples


Although, being a graduate with a Fine Arts Degree, I admittedly don’t use my sketch book as often as I should. But I do carry one with me at all times. The sketchbook I have was actually a gift from one of my co-workers at my previous job, so I’m trying to do it justice by putting some really great stuff in there. Here’s a couple of them.